Houston Mayoral Candidate Jackson Lee Recorded Cursing at Staff

A recording of Houston mayoral candidate Sheila Jackson Lee cursing at a staffer has been leaked to the media, just days before early voting begins. The recording, which was obtained by several Houston news outlets, is believed to be from at least half a decade ago.
In the recording, Jackson Lee can be heard berating a staffer who does not have the information she is looking for. She calls him a "fat a**, stupid idiot" and says that he and another staffer are "f*** ups."
Jackson Lee's campaign has not denied the authenticity of the recording, but they have dismissed it as a "political stunt" by her opponents. In a statement, the campaign said that Jackson Lee is "not perfect" and that she has "apologized for her language in the past."
The recording has sparked outrage from some voters, who say that it shows that Jackson Lee is unfit to be mayor. Others have defended Jackson Lee, saying that she is a strong leader who is passionate about her work.
It is unclear how the recording will impact Jackson Lee's campaign. She is facing a crowded field of candidates in the mayoral race, and the recording could give her opponents an opening to attack her. However, Jackson Lee is a well-known and popular figure in Houston, and she may be able to weather the storm.